1. Is MOQ mandatory? Don’t you supply product qty below MOQ?
  2. a. We do supply below MOQ, just that the prices mentioned are for the MOQ. Any qty below the MOQ will attract a higher price.

  3. Do you do personalized products?
  4. a. Yes we do personalized products with individual names printed / engraved. However, please note that all products cannot be personalized.

  5. Can I get my company logo printed?
  6. a. Yes, logo printing is possible. Depending upon product to product the branding type differs. Screen printing / digital printing / laser engraving can be suggested depending upon the product.

  7. Do you guys do printing job if we supply the material?
  8. a. Sorry but, No, we do not do only printing job.

  9. Are all products readily in stocks with you?
  10. a. No, not all of them but, yes many of them are in ready stocks with us.

  11. Can I get sampling done?
  12. a. Yes, you can but it will be on chargeable basis because then the product is of no use to us once we do branding on it.

  13. Will I have to pay for samples?
  14. a. Yes, nothing is free in this world. Samples are chargeable but, we don’t charge a ransom for the samples. Whatever price has been quoted to you, the same price you have to pay for the samples.

  15. Do you all give samples for free?
  16. a. If we have the samples with us, we give it to you for free against a security deposit which you can return within 7 days and take your deposit back.

  17. Do you have any material return policy?
  18. a. Yes, we do not entertain any claims made after 48 hours from the delivery. However, we still consider some requests if there is any manufacturing defect.

  19. Do you guys manage deliveries on our behalf?
  20. a. Yes we do, but charges are extra

  21. Do you send the material to us since we are not located in Mumbai?
  22. a. Yes we can book the material in any transport / courier suggested by you on to pay basis

  23. Is there any warranty / guarantee on your products?
  24. a. Certain products carry warranty / guarantee as they are branded. Other products also we stick to our quality and if there is any manufacturing defect then we replace the same.